Blue Frog Bedding

County Tyrone

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Bluefrog Bedding brings you large absorbent, dust free flakes. Easy to handle for mucking out, the heat sterilised flakes give you the optimum absorption value with the piece of mind that you are giving your horse the cleanest, most natural dust free bedding available.

All our timber comes from Irish Coillte forests, so when you choose Bluefrog horse bedding and shavings, you are helping plant more trees!

Bluefrog bedding is available worldwide. Our extensive customer base includes clients in Dubai, France, Holland, Singapore the UK and Ireland.

Pure perfection

The effect of dust on horses health is well recognised. Simply put, a healthy horse, will perform better. For a horse to compete at it’s athletic best, it must breath properly. Under average stable conditions, in a single breath, a horse can inhale up to 12 million particles of dust, into his lungs. More and more horses are becoming sensitised to dust and many go on to develop allergies.

Using dust free shavings will significantly reduce the respiratory challenge from the horses’ environment.

For years horse owners have exercised great care over the quality of feed and forage used for their horses. With particular value placed on low dust and spore content. They could not exact the same level of stringency over bedding, finding what was available was mainly waste products, high in dust levels and low in consistency or quality.

At last there is a bedding that can minimise the environmental impact on the horses respiratory system. bluefrogs large absorbent flakes are completely dust free. The strength of the drying process heat sterilises the flakes making them the cleanest most absorbent bedding available.

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