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Wood pellets are a by-product of the lumber industry and consist of wood fibres that have been sorted by size, compressed, heat treated and sterilized to remove tars, oils, hydrocarbons and other allergens.  When water is added to the pellets they expand in size and can absorb 9 times more liquid than regular shavings.  Using pellets can reduce the amount of waste you are removing from your stables and lower the costs of stall bedding.

For an average 12x12 stable start with 10-12 bags and add 1-2 bags weekly depending on how long your horse spends inside.

In addition, wood pellet bedding composts much quicker than shavings or straw which often do not fully compost or take a long time to decompose. As wood pellets expand with use, the product that ends up in the compost system has a much smaller particle size that breaks down quickly and easily.