Equine Sunswitch

Units 2 - 4 Burnt House Farm
Broad Oak
East Sussex

Company Details

Equine SunSwitch is a highly versatile equestrian heating product with a host of proven applications. Delivering beneficial short wavelength infrared just like the sun, it’s perfect and safe for use anywhere around horses, including washdown bays.

"A versatile, inexpensive solarium that’s loved, rather than endured, by horses and ponies."

A controllable, wall-mounted modular system, Equine SunSwitch solariums not only allow easy access for treatment and care, but also allow horses to move around freely. They’re designed to work best at 1.5-2.0m away from the horse, so there’s plenty of room to dry, clip, treat, groom etc. With low running costs and simple operation, they are very popular amongst horse owners of every type, from those with elderly ponies needing a bit of comfort, to high-octane eventers and dressage competitors. The uses are endless.

They’re not just for therapy or drying wet horses. Equine SunSwitch solariums can be used every day, all year round, as a general horse care and management tool. They’re designed to be used in quick bursts, or safely left on for long periods, overnight if required, making them ideal for foaling or convalescence. And because the heater units are mounted at a distance from the horse, it can move freely around the box or barn whilst enjoying the penetrating warmth.

They’re calming effect can help in potentially stressful experiences like clipping, dentistry or shoeing. Police horses stationed at the London Met New Scotland Yard stables enjoy the soothing benefits of Equine SunSwitch, to help them relax when they come off duty.   

Helps maintain health through the dreary winter months, providing vital infrared for vitamin D conversion.  Use for horse drying, rug drying, clipping, therapy, convalecence, foaling, easing sore muscles, pre-exercise warm up and more. Your horse will thank you – buy him one as a present!

Equine SunSwitch is a British company. Trading Standards Approved.