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What, in the main, is the owner/manager/horse carer looking for in a bedding?

  • Easy to use – minimum fuss – minimum time to muck out
  • Healthy – dust-free, spore-free and non-reactionary to horse
  • Unpalatable – must not encourage horse to eat
  • 'Green' in the stable ( natural materials) and out in the muck heap.
  • As small a muck heap as possible, with minimal disposal costs
  • Low daily usage, to keep running costs down
  • Minimizes bedding and disposal costs thereof all the year round.

There are a number of beddings which fulfill most of these criteria but none so fully as Equisorb Flax bedding. It absorbs over 4 times its own weight of water. Because of coming from  a natural vegetable crop it is the most Bio-degradeable of any and thereby rots down very rapidly in the muck heap. Packed by only state-of-the-art plants, it is consistently dust free and packaged to a consistent standard.

Why not talk to Equisorb Supplies and/or request a Quote for Equisorb – either way, you might be very surprised by how much your bedding solution can be improved  for this coming Winter.