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This brilliant hay net filler really works! If you thought hay net fillers were more trouble than they were worth, THINK AGAIN!

Read HayMate’s amazing feedback from their very happy customers.

Fed up disentangling full hay nets from hay net fillers? No longer a problem!

The HayMate drops the full net at your feet and pulls the drawstring tight in an instant. See its “twist and drop” action on the video.  

What is so special about the HayMate?
The HayMate has two rotatable spindles with pegs...

  • Lock the pegs up and drop the net on.
  • Point the pegs out to stretch the net open and fill the net. Then comes the best bit.
  • Push in the handles. The net drops off the pegs and the drawstring is pulled tight. Instantly!

When one customer tried hers for the first time she emailed us to say…
“My Haymate arrived, and yes, my Christmas has come early. It is fantastic. I wish I had known about this ingenious piece of equipment years ago. I can’t praise HayMate highly enough.” Sally.

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