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Wood pellets have been used for bedding animals for a number of years in many countries like the USA and Canada.

Wood pellet bedding is a relatively new kind of bedding to the UK, it has been around for roughly 10 years but with smaller usage, as the most popular way of bedding animals and horses has been wood shavings.

As wood shavings are becoming more and more expensive with limited availability, wood pellet bedding is becoming more well known, especially as it is much easier and cleaner to muck out with pellet bedding.
Using Pellet Bedding
You will need to put down roughly 6-10 bags this will depend on the size of your bags, approx 110kg for a 12x12 stable.
Place the pellets across the bedding area, they ideally want to be about 2" thick. Then with a watering can or hosepipe spray approx 20-25 litres of water on to the pellets.
Leave for 15-20 minutes to allow the pellets to expand into their bedding form.
Mix bedding through and you are ready to go!