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Leyland Pet Crematorium

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At Leyland Pet Crematorium we have been cremating beloved pets for over 20 years, we are proud of the fact that the service we offer is the service we provide.

There are now dozens of people advertising Horse/Pony Cremation.

They don’t all tell owners where the Horse/pony is taken for Cremation, they don’t offer to show owners the crematorium. Why?, simple because they don’t have a cremator, the only thing they do have is a lorry / trailer to enable them to transport a horse/pony and sometimes take as far away as 100 miles to another premises, what happens then to the horse/pony you have to take on trust.

Leyland Pet Crematorium is the only one in Lancashire that can collect a Horse/Pony in our designated vehicle and adapted trailer and cremate in our specially designed cremator.

We have always been open for inspection by Veterinary Practices and Owners of all beloved pets. Please contact us for a quote of our reasonable prices.