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Supplement Solutions is an informative on-line retail shop providing quality Nutritional Supplements for people, cats, dogs, horses and racing pigeons in the UK.

All of our nutritional supplements have been carefully sourced from leading International and UK manufacturers, bringing together the finest supplements available on the market.

Supplements for People
The human supplements range includes what we believe are the finest and purest Omega 3 Fish and Flax Oils World Wide. We provide nutritional supplements beneficial for everybody including; men, women, children, pregnant women, athletes, vegetarians and the elderly. Supplements include, MorEPA, MorDHA, and flax products

Supplements for Animals
Our animal feed supplements have been individually selected to include what we feel are the most effective products currently available on the market. The range of animal feed supplements provides products suitable for competition animals through to family pets.<br><br>The animal feed supplements for horses include leading brands such as
Cortaflex (Equine America),
Red Cell (Farnam Companies Inc),
Event (Horsesense Ltd),
Farrier’s Formula (Life Data Labs),
Natural Animal Feeds (NAF),
Wendals Herbs,
Formula 4 Feet (Equi Life),
Hilton Herbs,
Feel Good 30,
Keratex and much more.

New products are constantly being added and we try our best to source product requests.
The Dog and Cat supplements include Arthri-Aid (Nutri-Science), a leading Veterinary joint supplement which is very popular for elderly dogs and cats. The dog ranges include NAF, Feedmark, Grandmeadows, Cortaflex, Wendals and Hilton Herbs.

Our nutritional supplements and animal feed supplements are ever expanding and we welcome any suggestions for further products to compliment the website. Please contact us with your requests

We hope that you will find time to visit our website by clicking the link below.