The Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre

Whinney Hill
Aughton Road Halton

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What does the TRC do?
The TRC is here to provide a place for successful racehorses to come that have ended their career and for those that have left racing through injury, old age or lack of ability. The TRC takes in these horses, with the aim of re-homing them to loan homes for the rest of their lives.

All new arrivals are given time to relax and adjust to their new environment. They will be physically assessed by our vet, trainer and back specialist before we begin ridden work. Each horse is given a training plan to make sure it is ready to be re-homed as soon as possible.

We spend as long as it takes on each horse, weeks for some, months for others. We have a detailed application process for anyone that wants to take a TRC horse to ensure we find the right loaner. Ideally the loaner takes the horse for the rest of its life but if it doesn’t work out the horse returns to the TRC and in most cases we try to find the loaner another horse. In all cases the horse remains the property of the TRC, and is visited regularly by our field officers.

The TRC is dedicated to the well-being of all ex-racehorses and is here to help with any problems you might be having with your thoroughbred regardless of whether is it a TRC horse or not. Our trained staff can give advice by telephone and we also offer schooling and retraining clinics to address specific issues.

We are based at Halton near Lancaster.

How can you help us?

If you think you can help the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre in any way either by donating your time, money, or expertise please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email, snail mail or any other means you can think of or visit our website (see the link below) for more information.

You can of course also run fundraising events locally on our behalf, join us on the Great Manchester Run or even become a box sponsor……What’s that? Go and have a look at our website and click on the “How can you help us?” tab to find out more.