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Verm-X for Horses and Ponies is available in powder, pellet and liquid formulations. All forms are equally effective, offering three different application options depending on your parasite control programme. Verm-X powder is fed every 12 weeks as 5-day courses whilst the pellets, also designed for 5-day courses, can be fed from the hand as a treat. Verm-X liquid is fed for three days each month.  

Feed half the amount to horses and ponies between 6-18 months and feed the full adult amount at 18 months old.

As well as parasitic-controlling herbs there are herbs for blood cleansing and others for gut maintenance  Our clients tell us how well their horses and ponies look after using Verm-X.  

We recommend that all horses and ponies have regular parasite checks to avoid unnecessary control programmes. When using Verm-X, parasite tests should be performed 21 days after the last day Verm-X is fed.


  • A 100% herbal formulation specifically for the control of internal parasites designed by world renowned herbalists.
  • Your retailer will not need to ask you for any personal details when purchasing.
  • Verm-X is completely natural and is ideal for horses kept on organic farms.
  • Used widely on horses in the peak of fitness and competition, the herbs are gentle on the digestive system.
  • Verm-X is extremely palatable and has no known resistance.
  • The Veteran Horse Society recommends Verm-X for older horses.

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