Walmsley Premierbed

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6 Station Lane Thorner
North Yorkshire

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PREMIERBED CARD - Walmsley Premierbed Card bedding is made from clean highly absorbent corrugated cardboard chopped into little square pieces. It is the modern dust-free alternative to the traditional equine bedding materials such as straw, hemp and wood shavings.

Walmsley Premierbed Card is simple, cost effective and highly efficient and is designed to meet the strict criteria already used extensively by racing yards, show jumping yards and event yards.

PREMIERBED PAPER - Made from shredded newspaper Premierbed Paper compliments our existing Premierbed Card bedding material.

Premierbed Paper is supplied in 22 Kg (Approx.) plastic wrapped weatherproof bales just like our Premierbed Card.

Walmsley Premierbed Paper can be used for many animal types. It is simple, cost effective and highly efficient. Switch to Walmsley Premierbed Paper bedding now and reduce your costs - and the risk to your animals health.

Why should I use Walmsley Premierbed?
Simply because it out performs other products including expensive and super hyped products. It meets all the requirements of vets for the safest, most comfortable environment for your horse.

Walmsley PREMIERBED is:

  • Dust and mould free
  • 6 x mor absorbent than straw
  • 5 x more absorbent than shavings
  • 2 x more absorbent than hemp
  • Quick, easy to use and economical saving you £££s
  • 100% biodegradable, so rots down quickly.