It’s all rosy at Hiho Silver!

Hiho Silver bracelet with rose gold snaffle
Hiho Silver bracelet with rose gold horses head
Hiho Silver bracelet with rose gold hunting horn

Hiho Silver has added five new styles to its Equestrian Collection. All pieces have had 18ct gold touches added but, instead of yellow gold as per the rest of the range, rose gold has been used.

The five pieces to get this treatment are the Exclusive Sterling Silver Whip Bangle, Exclusive Sterling Silver Horse Head Bangle, Exclusive Sterling Silver Farrier Nail Bangle, Exclusive Sterling Silver Hunting Horn Bangle and Exclusive Sterling Silver Double Snaffle Bracelet.

“Due to demand, we have take our Touch of Gold range a step further by adding rose gold, instead of yellow gold, to a number of our best selling equestrian pieces,” says Emma Warren from Hiho Silver. “We introduced rose gold plating earlier this year for one of our Cherry Roller Bangles and it has been the best seller in the range. The rose gold is a little warmer than the yellow version and has a coppery colour that is a bit different and very special. As with the rest of the Touch of Gold range, we’ve used the rose gold plating to highlight details, like the handle and thong of the hunt whip, the mouthpiece of the snaffle bangle and so on.”

The five pieces chosen are exclusive to Hiho Silver and incorporate clever clip fastenings that makes the bangles easy to put on and take off without detracting from the beauty of the pieces.

All rose gold variations are available on the website and prices range between £85 and £115, depending on the style. Sterling silver only and sterling silver with 18ct yellow gold plating are also available.

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