Nettex on National TV

Nettex on Countryfile
Nettex on Countryfile November 2015

Nettex  Veterinary Technical Manager,  Dr. Becky Lees BVSc, Cert AVP(EM), MRCVS will be appearing on BBC TV’s popular Sunday evening programme Countryfile on Sunday 29th November.

Karla McKechnie from the Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society (DLPS) contacted Nettex back in September to see if they could produce a reflective paint that could be painted on livestock so that they become visible to car drivers at night.

So far this year 74 animals have already been killed on Dartmoor's roads.

Nettex produce a large range of marking sprays, crayons, pastes and fluids for sheep and livestock so Becky Lees knew that it was something they could help with. The Nettex Promark Branding Fluid has a paint-like consistency but is formulated and tested for use on sheep fleece. Unsure whether it would be suitable to be painted onto a horse’s soft coat, Nettex donated the Promark Branding Fluid so that testing could be carried out to check that the product would be durable enough.
The trial progressed well and Nettex began to develop a reflective version of Promark Branding Fluid when Countryfile got in touch. The prototype product which was tested during filming has excellent results which viewers can see on the programme.

Becky Lees comments
“Further development work is still in progress and when this is finished we will release a commercial product to the market. We hope that this can then be rolled out to other moorland livestock to improve road safety for many horses, cattle and sheep.

At Nettex we are committed to promoting the road safety of both horses and riders. As part of our successful Nettex Try It Club we gave new members a free high viz to help their members be seen and stay safe while out riding. We are proud to have taken this a step further to help horses roaming on Dartmoor be seen and stay safe!”

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