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Long socks from Hot Togs
Hot Togs long socks

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Hot Togs has introduced a new longer length Knee Length Sock that is perfect for those with longer limbs.

The company’s popular Knee Length Socks are now available in standard long and longer length sizes…and have been flying off the shelves. Longer length socks are made from the same 1/20 Thermolite yarn as the standard version and still benefit from lightly padded soles for blister protection, gentle elasticated ribbing up the full length of the leg, arch supports and flat toe seams…they’re just more generous in length!

“There’s a lot of variation in lower leg length,” says Rachel Plant from Hot Togs, “and these new longer length socks cater for this. Our Knee Length Socks were a good height before, but for people with longer limbs, they weren’t that generous…but this new length addresses this. The new long length is ideal for under wellies and long riding boots whether worn under jodhpurs or over the top, and will help to keep the lower leg snug too. We’ve been really pleased with the response that a small design adjustment has made.”

New longer length Knee Length Socks are available in pink, lilac, brown and blue/grey and have a special introductory price of £8.99 per pair.

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