Perfect for poultry – new Poultry Vits & Mins from Equimins

Poultry Vits and Mins

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Equimins’ Country Living brand has added Poultry Vits & Mins to its collection of supplements and care products for small holders.

The powdered supplement is highly palatable and contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements, in addition to high levels of probiotics. It can be fed each day to help keep hens healthy, and can also be fed to larger birds such as geese and turkeys, to help support their health too.

“We’ve created Poultry Vits & Mins to provide those who keep hens and other poultry with a broad spectrum, general purpose vitamin and mineral supplement to support health and condition,” said David Willey from Equimins. “The powdered presentation makes it really easy to integrate into the diet, as you just sprinkle it over feed each day. With 10g being enough for five hens, it’s great value too.”

It’s suggested that hens receive around 2g per day each, and larger birds (such as turkeys and geese) receive 3g per day. This means that for someone with five hens, a 500g tub will last for 50 days.

Poultry Vits & Mins is available in 500g tubs and has a RRP of £6.50.

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