Prefabricated Perfection!

Mirrors for training
Paddock mirrors for training

Mirrors for Training is delighted to announce the launch of its new Prefabricated Arena Mirror System, which contains everything needed for a perfect installation.

The precision engineered galvanised steel kit can be used to install horizontal and vertical mirrors, as the posts are universal in the design. The prefabricated kit ensures that the mirrors hang beautifully and also allows mirrors to be tilted, to suit the rider’s requirements.

“Hanging arena mirrors correctly is important in terms of the reflection they produce, the safety, and the overall look,” said Andrea Miles from Mirrors for Training. “Our engineers are experts in this area, but we know that not everyone wants to pay to have mirrors installed and would like to do this themselves. That’s why we’ve created this system. We’ve spent a lot of time designing and preparing this system as to ensure correct wind loadings and so on. We’re very proud of what we’ve created.”

The Prefabricated Arena Mirror System is supplied as a kit containing five 8ft x 4ft galvanised steel backed Arena Mirrors with adjustable tilt brackets. It costs £3800 delivered (UK mainland, international delivery available but carriage cost will be different).

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