New look for Rockies’ LaminShield

New Lamin Shield Packet for 2016

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Rockies’ 2kg LaminShield has had a makeover for the 2016 season, but don’t worry, the product inside the striking new packaging is the same tried and trusted version that customers know and love.

The new packaging is green, more ‘horsey’, and contains more information about the product on the front. This is the second product in Rockies’ equine range to undergo a packaging makeover with Health Licks being the first.

“LaminShield is a great product that many people feed to support horses and ponies at risk of laminitis,” says Jeremy Sample, Sales Director of Rockies. “We felt it was time for a change and to make the product look more equestrian at the same time as promoting the magnesium and Bioplex the product contains as these make it more than your average lick. The formulation is the same as before; it’s still molasses and calorie free and can be offered in a free access manner. It just has a little more shelf appeal now.”

The new 2kg packs have been launched to coincide with the spring, most popular time of year for the LaminShield range.

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