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British saddlepad and numnah designer and manufacturer, NuuMed, is delighted to welcome the new ‘3 Pocket’ shimmy design to its Corrective range of HiWither half pads, saddlepads and numnahs.

Each product in the new HiWither 3 Pocket Shimmy range has a memory foam inner and three pockets on each side of the pad, making six pockets in total. Each pad is supplied with 12 shims.

“Shimmy Pads are very useful for horses changing shape, whether this is a young horse being ridden for the first time or a seasoned competition horse coming back into work after a holiday,” says Rosie Pocock from NuuMed. “Our 2 Pocket Shimmy has been popular for many years and still does a great job, but for those looking for even more flexibility, the 3 Pocket Shimmy is brilliant. This design was originally created for saddle fitters but, as demand increased, we decided to expand our Corrective range and add this option to all our styles. What’s more, we’re offering the 3 Pocket for the same price as the original 2 Pocket.”

All 2 Pocket and 3 Pocket Shimmy products benefit from a HiWither design that sits up inside the saddle’s gullet to remove pressure from across the horse’s withers, and also comes up at the back to remove pressure from behind the saddle, for maximum comfort. The 3 Pocket option is available on the Half Shimmy Pad, Half Shimmy Pad with Wool, Half Wool Shimmy Numnah, Half Wool Shimmy Saddlepad, Everyday Quilt Shimmy Numnah and Everyday Quilt Shimmy Saddlepad. All numnahs and saddlepads are available in dressage and general purpose cuts. Extra shim pads are also available in 5mm, 10mm and 15mm thicknesses. Prices start from £49.95.

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