Good things come in small(er) packages – say hello to the MT Trap!

Sentomol Fly Trap

Sentomol, the company responsible for the Horsefly Trap (H-Trap) in the UK, has introduced a new line for 2016 that harnesses many of the H-Trap’s properties, but in a smaller size to increase its versatility.

The MT Trap, like the larger H-Trap, uses a black ball that absorbs and then emits the suns rays, to attract the female horsefly. When she tries to bite the ball, she doesn’t receive the feed she expects, so flies away. As she moves upwards away from the ball, she’s guided into a collection chamber via a funnelled cover.

“The MT Trap is a smaller, more affordable way to help reduce horsefly numbers,” said David Loughlin from Sentomol. “The smaller ball has a greater intensity of heat radiation, so it still packs a real punch, despite its smaller size. The MT Trap is a great product for those wanting to reduce horsefly issues at shows as it’s more portable. It can also be used with the H-Trap to offer extended cover over a wider area. It’s also a good option for people who like the idea of the H-Trap but want a more cost effective option.”

The standard H-Trap is significantly larger than the MT Trap and is ideal for paddock, field and large garden use, where it will protect up to five horses. The MT Trap can be used with the H-Trap to create a wider protection zone or on its own to cover smaller areas. As an additional advantage, the MT Trap can also be used as a wasp trap later in the summer, when used with suitable attractant.

The MT Trap retails at £60 (no stand) and £75 (with stand).

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