Easidri saves the day at a baking Badminton!

Easi-Dri Dog at Badminton

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Easidri, the brand known for its superb cooling products for dogs, provided a cool haven for many hot dogs at this year’s event, with the Cooling Coat being a particular hit with hot dogs of all shapes and sizes. In fact, many commented that the coat had ‘saved’ their dog from the heat at the event.

This was Easidri’s first year at Badminton Horse Trials. The stand included a new ‘Cooling Corner’ created to give hot dogs a place to come and cool off and rehydrate during the event. This was something that, with the soaring temperatures that bathed Badminton, was very much appreciated.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better event,” said Martin Balmer from Easidri. “Badminton really is the most spectacular venue and although it’s most definitely an equestrian event, there are so many dogs that come too, and we were pleased we could do something to help them.

“The new Cooling Corner was a great success and we had lots of dogs visiting us for a ‘chill’. We also did very well with our Cooling Coat, which as the weather heated up, became more and more popular. We had people coming back to the stand to rehydrate the coats and so many people telling us what a lifesaver the coat was.”

Heat stroke is a serious issue that can cause problems for dogs of all shapes and sizes. There are many ways to help reduce the risk, but keeping the dog cool is a huge factor. At home, it’s much easier to keep the dog cool and comfortable but, when away from home, it can be challenging. The Easidri Cooling Coat helps to address this issue and then some.

“We had the most amazing range of dogs come to the stand and go away with Cooling Coats,” said Martin. “Miniature Dachshunds to Great Danes were strutting around the event in their blue coats – hundreds of dogs were wearing our coat and were saved from the heat. Luckily we have a fairly extensive size range and even have wide sizes to suit broader dogs!”

For more information visit the website www.easidri.com