Kate Negus Saddlery sponsors Hannah Francis and WIllberry Wonder Pony

Willberry and Hannah

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Kate Negus Saddlery is delighted to announce the sponsorship of not one, but two new riders – Hannah Francis and Willberry Wonder Pony.

The equestrian world is familiar with Hannah Francis, a truly inspirational event rider who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer in May 2015. Since this time, and despite grueling treatment, not only has Hannah remained positive (with the help of the gorgeous Willberry), she’s raised a huge amount of money (£115,000 and counting) for cancer charities. She has now formed her own charity, Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony Charity, which will raise funds for bone cancer research as well as Willberry’s Wishes, which allows seriously ill people, not just with cancer, to fulfill their equine dreams.  On top of all this, Hannah has continued eventing and has been out competing and achieving!

“I’ve known Hannah for quite a few years as a member of a ‘rival’ Pony Club,” said Julia Andrews from Kate Negus Saddlery. “You knew if Hannah was riding, you could only really aim at second place!

“We’ve been supporting Hannah by giving various raffle prizes to her events, but we wanted to do something that would provide a regular income for Hannah’s new charity as we know this is key to its success. We’ve provided Hannah with a bridle of her choice and also decided that for each International Leather Lined Flash or Cavesson we sell, we’ll give £15-£25 (£15 for regular headpiece bridles, £25 for Grand Prix Padded Headpiece bridles) to Hannah’s charity. We have other plans in the pipeline too, so watch this space!”

"I am so unbelievably grateful to Julia Andrews from Kate Negus Saddlery for offering Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony such incredible support in our mission of #kickingcancersbutt,” said Hannah. “The equine community has been phenomenal from the very start and I honestly cannot express my thanks enough. I am extremely excited and very much looking forward to working with the fabulous team at Kate Negus as I truly believe in the beautiful quality leatherwork they provide and cannot wait to encourage others to not only spoil their horses but ensure that we're raising money for cancer research and Willberry's Wishes too. Thank you very much, Willberry and I truly appreciate it."

To find out more about Kate Negus Saddlery, see www.katenegus.com. The two bridles that have been selected to help raise funds are the Padded International Leather Lined Cavesson and the Padded International Leather Lined Flash. To find out more about Hannah and Willberry, see www.willberrywonderpony.com