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Get the most out of your horse’s performance over a fence this season by switching to the HRP Jump Mono WING® Saddle Pad.

This unique and innovative product was launched at BETA earlier this year and was voted by a panel of industry experts as the outright winner of the BETA Innovation Award for Saddlery and Tack 2016.

The HRP WING® saddle pads are scientifically proven using significant pressure tests to exert NO pressure on the horse behind the saddle over the lumbar spinous processes, which is essential for jumping horses. In addition to this there is less mean pressure in all gaits in comparison to conventional saddle pads which produce some pressure at the very worst causing rubbing and sores on the horses back. The HRP WING® Saddle Pad has eliminated these problems and offers different designs for each equestrian discipline.

The HRP Wing® Saddle Pad also benefits from a distinctive densely padded area at the girth, which is called the Thorax pad™. The Thorax pad™ was invented to add additional comfort to horses who are sensitive when being girthed.

The visually striking WING® Saddle Pads reduces pressure on the thoracolumbar spine and therefore helps reduce the risk of local muscle strain. The innovative design and premium quality moisture wicking fabric helps to prevent localised over-heating and helps reduce the formation of moisture and sweat again helping to prevent muscle dehydration and muscle fatigue.

In testing horses were shown to be much more comfortable using this WING® saddle pad in comparison to a traditional shaped cloth. Enhancing comfort for the horse gives total peace of mind for the rider encouraging maximised performance in the ring.

The HRP Jump Mono WING® Saddle Pad RRP £115.95
Sizes: Full
Colours: Black, White, Navy
Machine washable at 40°
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