Muscle in with Blooming Pets’ new Muscle Toner

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Blooming Pets has launched Muscle Toner, a new liquid feed supplement created to promote healthy muscle development in dogs.

The natural product contains gamma oryzanol and creatine in a rice bran oil base for fast absorption by the gastrointestinal tract. Not only does Muscle Toner help to increase lean muscle mass, it can also be used to support increased stamina and improve the dog’s appearance.

“Some dogs need an extra boost to their muscle development, and Muscle Toner is a great way to do this,” said David Willey from Blooming Pets. “It’s a natural product that’s easy to feed and can be added to the dog’s food each day. It comes in a bottle with integral measuring chamber, so it’s clean to feed too, and you can be assured you’re adding the suggested amount to the dog’s food.”

Muscle Toner is available in 250ml bottles that have a RRP of £17.35.

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